About Us

At The Equity Shoppe we are dedicated to offering you a unique level of service that makes shopping for a mortgage easy.

We are licensed professionals who have the expertise to get you the best possible mortgage to suit your needs. With access to major lending institutions across Canada we have the ability to shop the mortgage market and offer you the best possible available rates, service and mortgage options. No negotiating and no hassles.

Best of all, no matter what type of mortgage you need, we do all the work to find you the most competitive rates. In fact, all you do is complete one application. It’s that simple!

Whether you are looking for a mortgage on your new home or looking to refinance your existing home, The Equity Shoppe is the one to call!

Arranging a time to speak with one of our experts about your requirements is the first step. We will help you work out whether you should renegotiate with your current lender, move your mortgage somewhere more competitive or stay where you are. At the same time we will make sure that you have the product which suits you best.

At the Equity Shoppe we recognize that everyone’s financial situation is different and we don’t dwell on problems or past mistakes that prohibits your bank from giving you the right mortgage solution. We will work hard to make you successful. Is your bank telling you that you don’t qualify because you are self-employed, new to Canada or have a below average credit score?

We will research the 100’s of products we have available from our wide panel of lenders and recommend to you the most appropriate solution.

We will help you complete the paperwork and send the application to the lender. We will liaise with the lender to obtain approval, letting you know if further information is required, addressing any complications that may arrive, all the time ensuring the work to reasonable time frames

We give you the facts so that you can make smart choices about your mortgage. Whether you are:

  • Purchasing your first home
  • Renewing your mortgage
  • Consolidating your bad debts
  • Self-employed
  • New to Canada
  • Need a 2nd mortgage
  • Need to improve your credit score

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.