Investing with The Equity Shoppe


Given our product is mortgages, and we need money to fund these mortgages, we are in the process of preparing the firm to access the Canadian capital markets by obtaining an initial public listing.  The first step in this process has been the completion of three years operations effective June 30, 2018, after being granted our license by FSCO in early 2015.  The second step is fulfilling an offering of Class A Preferred Shares, Series A, with a limited number of “accredited investors”. The highlights of this offering include the following:

  • The Shares pay a cumulative 8.0% dividend. Because this payment will be received by investors as a dividend, investors may qualify for the Canadian dividend tax credit with respect to these payments. If you qualify (which is based on your individual tax circumstances), and you are in the top tax bracket, your after-tax yield will be increased by approximately 50 basis points
  • The Company is raising a total of $2.0M from this offering, and the minimum investment is $50,000.00. Upon completion of this Offering, the Company will commence a 2nd offering of Series B, Class A Preferred Shares using an Offering Memorandum which will allow all persons to participate whether or not they are an accredited investors. The objective will be to raise an additional $8.0M. The projected yield of this offering will be 6.5%. Upon completion of this offering, the Company intends to apply for an initial public listing
  • The minimum hold period is 180 days. After that, the shares are redeemable by investors on 90 days notice to the Company
  • On obtaining an initial public listing, the Class A Preferred Shares will be convertible to Common Shares at 90% of the initial public offering price at the option of the holder
  • To ensure there are sufficient assets in the Corporation to honour all redemption requests, the Company shall be required at all times to maintain a portfolio of real estate, mortgage investments, guaranteed investment certificates, marketable securities, accounts receivable, and cash, net of all debt of the Company, having a book value equal to or greater than the invested capital in the issued and outstanding Class A Preferred Shares of all series
  • As a registered mortgage administrator with FSCO, the Company is required to have audited statements completed annually which must be filed with FSCO. Prior to investment, you will be provided with the prior two years audited statements for the Company, as well as year to date statements for its current fiscal period. In addition, as an investor, you will be provided copies of the Company’s audited statements for each subsequent fiscal period within 120 days of year-end