Residential Mortgages

In the United States, 4 of every 5 residential mortgages are placed through a mortgage professional, and this percentage is growing every year. Why? The U.S. consumer knows that using a mortgage professional makes the banks compete. The end result of this competition is a better deal for the consumer. Unfortunately, in Canada, the standard procedure most people follow when they want a mortgage is that they go to their chartered bank, tell them how much they are looking for, and pray they get approved. Will that bank offer you the best rate available? If you do not have a mortgage professional shop the market for you, you will never know.

If you are self-employed or have any past credit issues, chartered bank financing may simply not be available to you. Given the recent implementation in Canada of stringent “stress tests”, more people are being shut out of the traditional chartered bank route to obtain a mortgage. This is where a mortgage professional from The Equity Shoppe comes in. Whether you are looking for a first mortgage to close a purchase, or a mortgage to consolidate debts, our procedure is as follows upon receiving your information via our Submit a Deal button:

1. We will review your initial request, and call you to get answers to any questions that arise from that review.

2. Upon getting a basic understanding of your situation, we will canvass our lender network starting with the lowest rate lenders that offer the type of mortgage you are looking for. If you are turned down for the lowest rate mortgage, we will go through the entire hierarchy of mortgage lenders we deal with to find you the money you are looking for.

We obviously cannot guarantee and do not guarantee that we will find you the funds you are looking for. However, we can assure you that we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to do so.

For a no-obligation assessment of your situation, click on the Submit a Deal button below. It takes two minutes to complete. We will get back as soon as possible, and usually the same day.

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