Commercial Mortgages

If you have ever tried to find a commercial mortgage either for the acquisition of an investment property or simply to refinance an existing mortgage that has matured which is secured by a non-owner occupied property, you will have experienced the frustration of trying to find a lender for this type of mortgage in Ontario. The extensive documentary disclosure that must be assembled and organized to support these applications can be overwhelming.

This is definitely one area where using a mortgage professional from The Equity Shoppe to assist you to find the mortgage you need is the intelligent way to go about this. We will not only act as your mortgage agent to find this money but will also double as a “business consultant” in packaging the application as we know how to present your application for the best results. We also have contacts at the chartered banks to get your deal “in the door” as this source of money is still going to be the lowest cost lender. However if you approach a commercial chartered bank underwriter without your “ducks in a row” and all bases covered, you will have little chance of obtaining a loan.

If your application falls short of bank underwriting criteria which are quite stringent, we also have access to a number of private and semi-institutional lenders who will lend you money on the security of non-owner occupied properties, including existing investment properties, construction projects, and development projects. These sources are going to be more expensive than chartered bank financing, but they have a much more flexible approach to underwriting these applications.

To receive a no-obligation assessment of the type and amount of funding that is available for your property or project, access and complete our “Submit a Deal” button. Upon review of this summary, we will contact you usually the same day to discuss your financing needs and the additional information required.

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