Financial products for self-employed

Our number one specialty at The Equity Shoppe is providing self-employed people all the financial services and products they need under one roof.

Within the scope of the services we provide, there is nothing more important than sourcing self employed mortgages. Finding a mortgage on the terms you want at the best available rate is a difficult enough process in and of itself, without adding the complicating factor of being self employed. The banks want certainty of cash flow from their clients. However when you are self-employed, there are good months and there are not so good months. This results in uneven cash-flow which often makes getting a self employed mortgage very difficult. This is where we come in. We have multiple mortgage lenders who specialize in providing self employed mortgages, and in most cases you will get the same rate as employed persons. In addition in most cases we do not charge a fee for this service as we are paid by the lenders who will scrap and claw to get your business. If you are self-employed, do yourself a favour, fill out the application below and submit it to us and we will take all the stress out of finding a self employed mortgage on terms you will be very happy with.
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